Bernard Plossu

Portrait of myself and my daughter Giulietta taken by Bernard Plossu at the Café Deux Magots around 1973.  Bernard and I were working together on his first show in Paris of Western American ghost towns.

With Daughter Giulietta by Bernard Plossu, 1973

With Daughter Giulietta by Bernard Plossu, 1973

In 1973 Bernard set up a meeting for me with Ansel Adams at his home in Carmel. Adams decided he wanted to take my portrait and we went back the next day and he photographed all of us with a new camera. To my great regret, none of the pictures came out. The only trace I have is these photos taken by Bernard of Ansel photographing me.

These photos of Ansel Adams taking my portrait were taken by Bernard Plossu in 1973. Bernard introduced me to Adams during a trip to Carmel and he decided to take our portraits. I had gone there to convince him to come to the Photo Festival in Arles, which he did, the first time ever outside of North America.

DF with Ansel Adams in his living room in Carmel

The afternoon wore on helped along by quantities of white wine. By early evening the sun filled the room with light and Ansel started working. Apparently, the camera, an electric Hasselblad, was a recent gift and he had still not figured it out. Result, blank negatives.

After spending an afternoon drinking white wine, the sun came in his front window filling the space with a strong golden light and, at that moment, he decided to start and photographed all four of us.

Adams taking my portrait