Documenta 9

One of the partners in the Electronic Café International was in Cologne, orgnaized by Axel Wirths and his gallery 235 Media.  They brought their Casino Container to Documenta 9 in 1992 and connected with Santa Monica and Paris, exchanging images, live discussions, music, etc. Much of material was based on science images sent from the Scinece Musuem in Paris, particle accelerator images transformed by the artists present on both end.

Eventually, we will post images here as we collect them from the archives, as well as links to other sites.
Description in German

1CamIsocamOrigin VoieLacteeFab Roulette EspaceGeode DelphiGalatee CimetiereGeode Camera AxelGloveOnChema 1VoieLactee 1delphi interactif