Don Foresta is an artist, researcher and educator in art and science and art and technology with a long history of art and the network. He created the MARCEL network for artistic collaboration in 2000,, and is currently its international coordinator. He and several partners in France and elsewhere are currently building the MARCEL Art Platform, mmmap, a multi-point creative online tool for artistic collaboration and research on the network as an artistic space, The long-term effort is to create a part of the high bandwidth network as a public good for culture; art, science, research and education.

Foresta is also part of a “Groupe de réflexion” on man and nature at the Collège de France, an art and science group probing the changes taking place today from many disciplinary directions. A book is in preparation for 2022. That effort is one among many promoting collaboration between art and science and cross-disciplinary approaches to a better understanding our place in a changing world.